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Photograph of Sally Horan

S. J. Horan is an independent language teacher, translator, lecturer and writer. She graduated with an MA in Creative Writing (Plays and Scripts) in July 2008.

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All in the Mind

All in the Mind was selected by a new theatre company to stage as part of their inaugural show. This comedic play, inspired by The Odd Couple, deals with the perception of relationships. Two people, one relationship, two very different stories. It was recorded as a radio play in September 2020.

All That Glitters

Performed in Kent in 2015 and produced by Sam Hall of 17% Theatre Company.

Cook It like Mamma

Sitcom-play Cook It like Mamma, 2015, was favourably reviewed by playwrights and actors alike. It tells the story of an unemployed, London-based Italian, who, from his flat in Hounslow, plots to bring down the Italian President. All the while receiving parcels of cheese from his Mamma in Sicily.

Family Holiday

This play, which was written, directed and produced by S. J. Horan, at the Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, London in 2010, deals with deep family tensions and long-held resentments.

All Or Nothing

Just in time, a love-struck man realises the superficial nature of his girlfriend and escapes her clutches. The play was produced in 2009 by Ziella Bryers at the Caldercott Bookshop Theatre, as part of the Love Bites series, directed by Lucy Collingwood (BBC).

Fishermen at Sea

The play deals with religion, family tragedy and the impossibility of forgiveness. It was staged in a showcase for new writers as part of The Turner Plays at the Camden Fringe in 2008, directed by Russ Hope and produced by Red on Black Productions.

Ménage à quatre

A play about the feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir and her strange love affair with the existentialist Jean Paul Sartre. Still looking for a director.


City in Flames

Sally’s third feature film, City in Flames, was completed in June 2020. It recounts one of the worst refugee crises of the twentieth century. The inspiration for this film is her Greek grandfather who, back in 1922, was forced to flee Smyrna - formerly of the Ottoman Empire - along with hundreds of thousands of other Greeks and Armenians, as it burned to the ground.

Holiday from my Husband

Sally’s second feature film, Holiday from my Husband, an update of Shirley Valentine, was completed in 2017 and redrafted in the summer of 2020. A London agent has favourably reviewed it.

Revenge is a Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

One of Sally’s short comedic films, Revenge is a Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake, was favourably reviewed by a local BAFTA judge and deals with a woman scorned. She plots and schemes to ruin her ex’s wedding day, but, on the big day, really doesn’t intend to be so mean.

Larry Lobbyist

This short film, campaigning against a third runway at Heathrow, written, directed and co-produced by S. J. Horan, reached the finals of a competition run by Zac Goldsmith in 2014.

Screen Your Story

In the summers of 2015-2020, Sally judged and adapted to film some of the winning children’s stories from the annual Barnes-based competition Screen Your Story.

A Spell in Greece

In 2014, Sally’s first feature film,  A Spell in Greece, was developed at the National Film and Television School as part of a project.


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