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Photograph of Dermot Murphy

Dermot Murphy won an award at the 8th International Theatre Festival, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, with his play El Cóndor y la Niña (The Condor & the Maiden), which was read by AWL in 2008. He has published short stories, articles and textbooks, and now focuses on writing for the stage. He speaks and writes French and Spanish and has made translations to and from both languages.

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Getting Home

One episode in a feature-length video for Green Curtain Theatre: Looking Back Across the Water, September 2021

George’s Future

Video for The cornerHOUSE (cH-online), June 2020

A Holiday Job

Video for The cornerHOUSE (cH-online) May 2020


Dramatic Business and Mastering Business

Guildford Fringe Festival - Double-bill in the Back Room at the Star Inn, Guildford, July 2021

Mastering Business

part of a double-bill with Susannah Finzi, The cornerHOUSE, Surbiton, July 2021

Guests of the Cartel

Selected for the 35th Stockwell Playhouse One Act Festival; June 2019

Myriam - Isabella Inchbald; Nelson - Simon Brandon; Jenny - Sophie Morris-Sheppard; Oscar - Michael Duran; Lieutenant - Rebecca Bugeja; Colonel - James Price

Room Service

Selected for the 34th Stockwell Playhouse One Act Festival; June 2018

Mastering Business

Bob and Al go back a long way. It’s not been easy; just see how they were then, a while ago, and are now. Who owes what to who? How’s this going to play out? There’s always a lot to learn, a lot at stake.

Performed at Stockwell Playhouse in the 33rd LOST Theatre New Writing Festival 2017; the play, direction and performances were “highly commended” (Paul Vale The Stage).

Don Quixote in Algiers

Miguel de Cervantes says he is Christian and Zohra bint Ali is Muslim. Having been captured by pirates, he is being held for ransom and wants to escape. She wants to escape the marriage her father is trying to arrange. Can they trust each other enough as they try to get away from Algiers?

Performed at the White Bear Theatre Kennington, February 2017; “a compelling piece of theatre that raises huge questions about the nature of truth and fiction and about the complex exchanges that take place across and between cultures in contact” (Prof Sir Barry Ife, Principal Guildhall School of Music & Drama), “the play is a complex web of contradictions - truth and stories, freedom and captivity, safety and adventure, men’s power and women’s power, Christian and Muslim, fate and chance, which hold the whole piece in tension and creates interest for the audience” (Penny Culliford RemoteGoat).

A Holiday Job

Malik wants to earn some pocket money, but it’s not that easy, especially with those two around.

Performed at Stockwell Playhouse in the LOST Theatre Five-Minute Festival 2016.

The Condor and the Maiden

Set in South America, the play follows the lives of a daughter and her mother. Disputes over land and family loyalty become entwined in their daily struggle to scrape a living, while the mother tries to ensure a better future for her child.

Performed and won an award at the 8th International Theatre Festival Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, April 2011.

Performed at the King’s Head, March 2010 “Moving, thought-provoking” “A humorous, morally coherent play”

Time Share Partner

After many bad experiences, Cheryl has found the man of her dreams. As she sits in a hotel lobby, waiting to meet someone, she tells us about the romance and her plan to ensure she does not lose the one man who is not a bastard. Performed at North London Actors

Last Christmas

He has plans about the best place to go, and she expects high standards from her gentlemen; will the day live up to last Christmas?

Performed at SourFeast Theatre Company, Brixton


In T Toussaint (ed.). Between the Lines - a collection of creative writing and illustrations. London: City Lit. 2006.


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