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by Karen Vavourakis

Read by AWL on 20 February 2012

May 1925, Greece. Summoned to Taurus Island for a mysterious reunion, a winsome Harvard drop-out and four lovelorn female archaeologists arrive to discover their host is dead. Was the charismatic Richard Seaivy a victim of the Mummys Curse, malaria... or murder? Set against a backdrop of post-WW1 intrigue, a convoluted plot unfolds as two Scotland Yard inspectors inch too close to the truth.

Arthur Inkspot
Peter Mair
Derrick Macdiggal
Inspector Raymond
John Edwards
Little Joe
Lee Peck
Woman refugee
Alex Hawk
Toby Osmond
Brendan Gregory
Ada Lee Muffin
Enid Doorhandle
Gazella Lipka
Dottie Baithook
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