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Photograph of Elizabeth Gamberoni

What’s Happened to Nancy’s Head?

by Elizabeth Gamberoni

Read by AWL on 9 May 2011

We are all ships that pass in the night, rarely learning anything about our fellow travellers or the secrets they hide. Carrie Thurlough is one such person. She might have been the eccentric woman muttering to herself as you passed her in the street the other day, or she might have been the fellow shopper you rubbed shoulders with in the supermarket. Her story and her secrets remain hidden until someone, someone like you, unwittingly touches a nerve that exposes the tragedy buried deep inside another human heart.

Angela Jariwala
Fred / Assistant
Stephen O’Toole
Mrs Briggs
Jennie Lathan
Janet / Old Woman
Elizabeth Graham
Debbie / Nancy
Rosemary Francis
Lionel / Joey
Gary / Neil
Butcher / Jonathan
Angela Jariwala
Sharon / Shopper
Eleanor Cox
Mrs Watkins
Will Gormley
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