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Photograph of Harry Saks

A Notting Hill Murder

by Harry Saks

Read by AWL on 22 February 2010

Renowned movie director Sam Irving has a fearsome reputation. Actors refer to him as the tyrannical ogre. And right now he is at the top of his game, with a string of box office hits to his credit, an upcoming BAFTA nomination, and a grand house in Notting Hill. He also has a glamorous film star wife. And therein lies the problem. Shelly Rich is veering out of control. There are infidelities, drug scandals and a public humiliation of her husband. Irving needs to restore some self respect. But will the notorious martinet choose the right course of action?

Shelly Rich
Camilla Mathias
Flavia Spencer-Carr
Bruce Lard
Sam Irving
Brendan Gregory
DC Mitchell
Robert Blackwood
Clive Summers
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