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Photograph of Michael Johnson

Tea Time

by Michael Johnson

Read by AWL on 16 June 2008

This light-hearted whodunnit tells of the circumstances that have led to Cyril, the tyrannical husband of Olive and father of George, being found dead in his bed at the beginning of the play. George and Olive are far from unhappy at the situation, and though the quality of their lives is greatly improved, they run into problems involving a dodgy solicitor, a charming, impeccably behaved elderly undertaker (also from a somewhat tyrannical family), an astutely inquisitive detective inspector, and ... I think it would be a shame to give any more away.

Olive Ramsbottom
Jennie Lathan
George Ramsbottom
Michael Murray
Alec Smart
Amerjit Deu
Horatio Proudman
Detective Inspector Rosssiter
Amerjit Deu
Brendan Gregory
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