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Photograph of Penny Culliford

Warden Pie

by Penny Culliford

Read by AWL on 12 November 2007

In a dark passage near the cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral, a secret lies buried for a hundred years. Three stonemasons arrive to work on a loose paving stone and the secret is released. A place where evil masquerades as good, and the good are driven to evil deeds but everyone gets their just desserts. Warden Pie is based on the Victorian parlour tale of Nell Cook. For soups, and stews, and choice ragouts, Nell Cook was famous still! Shed make them even of old shoes, she had such wondrous skill: Her manchets fine were quite divine, her cakes were nicely brown’d, Her boil’d and roast, they were the boast of all the Precinct round; From The Ingoldsby Legends, by the Rev. Richard H. Barham

Theo Lloyd-Hughes
Canon John
Ellen Bean (Nell Cook)
Carole Carpenter
Vicky Williamson
The Abbot
Soldier 1
Soldier 2
Peter Sutton
Sound Effects
Melissa Docker
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