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Photograph of Martin Cort

Death on the Doorstep

by Martin Cort

Read by AWL on 26 November 2007

While waiting for his friends Nicky Morgan and Ed Thompson to flat-sit, Graham Marshall, a forty-year-old civil servant, is preparing to join his partner José in Spain. His preparations are interrupted by his neighbour’s son, Alan Shelton, who drops in to tell him that two mysterious men called to see him while he was out. Graham’s subsequent disappearance starts a search by his friends. The play is based on a true murder and the original characters involved. The action takes place during the 1970s.

Graham Marshall
Alan Shelton
Lee Peck
D I Alistair Cooke
Peter Haycroft
D S Trevor Johnson
David Dale
Nicky Morgan
James Bradshaw
Ed Thompson
Doreen Shelton
Carrie Cohen
José Perez
Sandra Lawson
Gordon Smith
Stephen O’Toole
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