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Photograph of Anthony Murphy

A One Way Ticket to Palookaville (Act 1)

by Anthony Murphy

Read by AWL on 3 September 2007

Dublin, 1964. The Times They Are A-Changing. Not really. Not in dear old dirty Dublin, where they say a homosexual is a Dublin man who doesn’t drink Guinness. 20 year old Paul O’Rourke discovers that his hopes and ambitions reveal deep and distressing conflicts in his family. Paul finds that his rejection of his family and community in pursuit of his dreams leads to events which will affect him for the rest of his life.

Gary Francis
David Burgess
Paul O’Rourke
Simon Money
Mrs O’Rourke
Breda Kerrigan
Fr Constantine
Peter Sutton
Bernard O’Rourke
Robert Blackwood
Mr O’Rourke
Brendan Gregory
Aoife de Brun
Catherine Potter
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