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England My England

by Tony Dugdale

Read by AWL on 8 March 2004
Edmund St George
Phil Gerrard
BBC Radio Announcer
Edmunds Mother
Annie Overton
Prime Minister
Clive Ward
Larry Lefty
Annie Overton
Regina Righty
Piggy Middleway
Egnlish Person 1
English Person 2
Car Hire Rep
Annie Overton
Frankie Doodle
White House Phone System
Annie Overton
Resident 1
Clive Ward
Resident 2
Doctor Smith
TV News Broadcaster
OB TV Presenter
Annie Overton
Floor Manager
Clive Ward
Patient Patient
John Dimwit
Janet Dimwit
Annie Overton
Trippy Hippy
Peter Putit-Right
Wanna Bee
Annie Overton
Lady Isabel Useless Twat
Ivor Gottitall
Mrs Gottitall
Resistance Man
Iwant Evemore
John Melainey
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