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Photograph of Michael Baldwin


by Michael Baldwin

Read by AWL on 7 March 2005

A short parallel play set in the same time frame as Max Indias Knickers but set, this time, in The Archers, a gay-oriented pub that has been hired as the only one available to celebrate the Stag night for Brian, the railway ticket collector engaged to Chaz, featured in the other play. The group of men invited, mostly friends of the prospective Father-in-Law, find this an uncomfortable experience and, along with a mischief making female stripper, a gay barman and a reluctant centre-fold, one that can only end in mayhem.

George Clegg
Brendan Gregory
Brian Tilley
Kelvin Knight
Tyler Friedman
Stanley Bingham
Phil Gerrard
Bekko Bingham
Bill Howarth
Ian Williamson
Zack Manners
Perry Styles
Frederika Healey
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