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Photograph of Michael Johnson

England’s Hall

by Michael Johnson

Read by AWL on 29 November 2004

A sit-com, set mainly in Englands Hall, a mixed-sex residence for students, attached to a provincial university. The principal characters are the staff of the hall and those of the university who control the policy of the hall. Students are usually incidental, though they are usually in evidence and will play a major part in some episodes. The name England is derived not from a love of or pride in that country, but from a local bookmaker, Percy England, who donated an insignificant proportion of his riches to the university to build the hall, with the proviso that it carried his name.

Dr Francis Marshall
Mrs Hatchet
Mario Sanchez
Dr Highlife
Holly Berry
Captain Forbes-Phillipps
Miss Broody
Doreen Snoggins
Septimus Trafford-Wise
Miss Anthea Jones
Holly Berry
Dr Mulcahy
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