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The Week Ahead

Edmund Dehn be playing God (yes - we know!) in a short play at Pleasance Islington on 28th May. The piece is about Lilith, the first wife of Adam (before Eve came along). Writer Srabani Sen, who plays Lilith, describes her play as a satire on the patriarchy.

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Orsolya Nagy directs Who Is Theo? by David L. Kimple at Tea-House Theatre, Vauxhall, from 19th to 24th May. The cast includes Avena Mansergh-Wallace, Rebecca Bugeja & Samantha Parry. AWLie concession £12.

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Howard Stean’s play Illusions was shown as a film premiere at the Magic Circle on 9th May.

Laetitia Coulson played a starring role as Precious in this dystopian story set in the near future after the pandemic.

The second act has been written but not filmed.’

La Guerra Cambia Tutto: The Italian translation of Melanie Hughes’ book War Changes Everything was launched at an event in Castell d’Arquato on Sunday, 15th May. There were readings from the book in both Italian and English.

Melanie has been asked to write a non-fiction book on the subject of her talk: the Italian community in the years between the two World Wars in conjunction with the University of Bologna. She is also taking part in a conference in Catania on the subject of the literature of migration.

Melanie writes: “I had no idea that I could do any of this, until Covid forced Nadia and me to have this talk and associated readings, brilliantly read by Nadia Ostacchini, on Zoom. It sort of caught on and we have now done nine of these Zoom events. Other writers please take note – there does seem to be, even after Covid, an enthusiastic Zoom audience for readings with background info. I am sure other writers can benefit from my experience, which I stumbled into by accident! Love and encouragement, go for it guys!”

Dermot Murphy writes:

“It was meant to go on in April 2020, however, my monologue Time Share Partner was performed two years later in the oneACTS Festival at The cornerHOUSE in Surbiton, directed by Susannah Finzi.

Afterwards people said, ‘I did not see the twist coming at all.’ - ‘I have been there.’ - ‘I’ve met her, she really exists.’ - ‘That’s creepy, a man who can get inside a woman’s mind, great, I enjoyed it.’ - ‘That was very good. Especially written by a man.’ ”

See what you think:

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Historia Theatre Company presents its 25th anniversary production: Mayflower: They Knew They Were Pilgrims, written by Kate Glover and directed by Kenneth Michaels, at the Hen & Chickens Theatre from 24th May until 11th June. Cast includes Simon Brandon, Harry Saks, Stephen Riddle, Kenneth Michaels & Kate Glover.

A discount code is available for AWLies: ask any member of the cast for details.

Mayflower: They Knew They Were Pilgrims is the story of determined men and women who wished to worship in their own way. They faced huge odds including bullying by the Venture Capitalists of the day, sickness and death on board, leaking ships, terrifying storms at sea, and personal heartbreak. And what would they find when they got there?

Historia’s first major production, A Passionate Englishman also played at the Hen & Chickens in June 1997.

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Further Events in the Month Ahead

Rachael Bellis is director and co-producer of The Collab by Lauren Morley at The Space (London Docklands) from 31st May to 11th June.

Ella Blair is a rising star in the online video scene. Together with the help of her friend, Kat Daniels, a budding fashion photographer, Ella is building a platform and a business around sustainable fashion. When an opportunity arises to “collab” with superstar influencer Max Jessup on his latest video art project, Ella jumps headlong into it…but at what cost?

A story about fame, friendship and the #MeToo era in the online sphere.

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Misconnections is a trio of short plays by Nicolas Ridley at the White Bear Theatre, Kennington. The show runs from 7th June – 11th June with AWLies Stephen Omer, Fiona Tong, Michael Duran, Sarah Lawrie (Director) and Sophie Morris-Sheppard (assistant producer) on behalf of Pack a Punch Players.

Early Bird Discount until 13th May: use MISCONNECTIONS at checkout for £12 tickets.

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Please join Teresa Jennings and friends for a celebration of James Joyce’s masterpiece, Ulysses, which was published in 1922.

A mix of readings and live music, 100 Years of Ulysses, is at Brickworks Community Centre, London N4 on Friday, 17th June. Starts 7.30pm

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Viv Lake has done quite a bit of research into theatrical and family history and accumulated a lot of information which might prove useful to other AWL members who have been looking into family or theatrical history.

She has lists of information such as stage names and aliases, biogs, obituaries, where they are buried, census returns which mention performers, old theatrical companies and theatres, actor-managers, and photocopies or pdfs of very old playbills, as well as text from theatrical journals and newspapers, most of which are from the Georgian and Victorian eras, and earlier, in Great Britain and America.

If you’re interested in Viv doing just a basic search for free through her files, please speak to her at an AWL meeting, or email her via her AWL page.

Stephanie Connell is an award winning web designer who has been creating websites for the past seven years. Each website is handmade and specific to the client’s requirements and is therefore unique. She will guide you through the process and provide design and practical suggestions where necessary. She offers aftercare service which she feels is just as important as the creative process. A discount to AWL Members only.

AWL Members who have had their websites created recently: Carolyn Pertwee, David Hampshire, Julia Haythorn and Hedley England

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