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Julie Bevan appears on the poster and in the trailer (click below) of the feature film Shiva’s Daughter, soon to be released. She plays the aunt.

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Gregory Cox appears as Major Metcalf in the Searchlight movie See How They Run (starring Saoirse Ronan and Adrien Brody), due for general release in 2022.

He has also narrated Dr. Hilary Jones’ novel Frontline, set in WW1 and available now on Audible.

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Catherine Harvey writes:“Tongue and Talk: The Dialect Poets is back on BBC Radio 4. I’m series producer and have written and present the first episode at 4.30pm on 5th September on Radio 4 (with the usual month afterwards on BBC Sounds).”

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Further Events in the Month Ahead

Bonny and Read, first performed at AWL, previews at the OSO on Saturday 6th November, ahead of its first full run at the Brockley Jack studio theatre from 23rd November to 4th December. The play is written by Claire Novello, with music composed, and accompanied at the piano, by Frederick Appleby. The director is Kenneth Michaels.

There is a 10% discount for AWL members at the OSO and until 25th October at the Brockley Jack. Ask Claire, Frederick or Kenn for the diiscount code.

Based on the trials of Captain Rackham and his pirate crew in Jamaica in 1720, history meets myth in this real life story of the remarkable, cross-dressing women pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, and their fateful encounter with the infamous Jack Rackham, also known as Calico Jack.

Unlike most ‘pirate plays’, this musical tragicomedy focuses on the social and economic circumstances that led Bonny and Read to disguise themselves as men, go out to sea, and eventually join the notoriously male-dominated world of piracy. It’s a story of exceptional female bravery, adventure, and survival against all odds.

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Historia Theatre Company is planning to continue its tour of Mayflower: They Knew They Were Pilgrims, written by Kate Glover and directed by Kenneth Michaels. This began with a highly successful ZOOM production last November to an international audience.

The tour will mainly focus on churches thought to be the “doctrinal heirs” of the Pilgrims, including Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church (18th November 7.30pm), Highbury Baptist Church (20th November 3pm), All Hallows by the Tower, (Sunday 21st November, 2.30pm) & The Dutch Church (Tuesday 30th November). Ticketing and further dates TBC.

The cast includes Simon Brandon, Laetitia Coulson, Kate Glover, Robin Marchal, Kenneth Michaels, Michael Murray, James Price, Georgia Riley & Harry Saks.

It is the story of determined men and women who wished to worship in their own way. They faced huge odds including bullying by the Venture Capitalists of the day, sickness and death on board, leaking ships, terrifying storms at sea, and personal heartbreak. And what would they find when they got there?

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Future Plans

Singer/songwriter David Forest returns to The Pheasantry, Chelsea, for a 90th birthday performance of his one-man show, Playing with Myself.

David introduces and performs his own songs with piano arrangements by Charles Miller. The show, directed by Harry Landis, received its premiere performances to sold-out houses at The Pheasantry and Tristan Bates Theatre, and went on to enjoy successful runs at the Brighton and Camden Fringe Festivals.

David has kept up his songwriting during lockdown, and plans to include some of his new songs in this birthday special.

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Viv Lake has done quite a bit of research into theatrical and family history and accumulated a lot of information which might prove useful to other AWL members who have been looking into family or theatrical history.

She has lists of information such as stage names and aliases, biogs, obituaries, where they are buried, census returns which mention performers, old theatrical companies and theatres, actor-managers, and photocopies or pdfs of very old playbills, as well as text from theatrical journals and newspapers, most of which are from the Georgian and Victorian eras, and earlier, in Great Britain and America.

If you’re interested in Viv doing just a basic search for free through her files, please speak to her at an AWL meeting, or email her via her AWL page.

John Melainey has coached audition technique for the last 20 years. It is one of the areas that many actors push to one side and yet it is a vital skill. A good audition technique is the secret to many a successfull acting career. If you feel like you go into an audition and it never seems to go the way you planned or if you leave feeling like you just didn’t do enough, or didn’t have long enough to work on the script, then the chances are that it is your audition process, that is letting you down.

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Stephanie Connell is an award winning web designer who has been creating websites for the past seven years. Each website is handmade and specific to the client’s requirements and is therefore unique. She will guide you through the process and provide design and practical suggestions where necessary. She offers aftercare service which she feels is just as important as the creative process. A discount to AWL Members only.

AWL Members who have had their websites created recently: Carolyn Pertwee, David Hampshire, Julia Haythorn and Hedley England

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