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Director / Writer

Photograph of Anna Clart

In addition to my work as director (credits below), I regularly contribute short pieces and scenes to various venues in London and Berlin (e.g. Die Mondschweine, JTW Spandau, Theaterforum Kreuzberg, LAMDA, Theatre503, The Old Red Lion).

Recent written pieces include Just Nod (re-staged: Reboot Festival 2023), and A New Ballad for Reading Gaol (by C. S. Flint), workshopped and presented November 2023, both at Barons Court Theatre.

I regularly write for London Pub Theatre’s reviewing team, covering fringe shows in London.

I’ve freelanced as an academic and artistic translator and editor since 2015, mostly working on articles and exhibitions. Current clients include: Brill Publishers, Leibniz Institute, Monumenta Serica, Sandstone Editing, Universität Hamburg, Freie Universität Berlin.

Awards: Arts Council England National Lottery project grant (2022), Carne Trust grant (2021), Fonds Soziokultur e.V. grants (2016 + 2018), Santander Scholarship (2015), Arts and Humanities Research Council grant (2015).

Placements: Directing Observership at the Royal Opera House, Jette Parker Artists’ Programme, Il Trovatore (2023).

AWL Credits

Non-AWL Credits


The Light Princess

Co-written and devised with Anita Brokmeier, adapted from George MacDonald’s story, performed at the Camden People’s Theatre (March 2022, Sprint Festival), produced as part of co-founded collaborative company federspiel

Jonah & Otto

Written by Robert Holmann, performed at the Bread & Roses (August 2021)

Back to Anna

Co-written with Anita Brokmeier, work-in-progress sharing at the Pushkin House (March 2021) + reading at Pentameters Theatre (February 2020), produced as part of co-founded collaborative company federspiel

Rosa & Leo

Written by Adam Szudrich, performed at the Union Theatre (February 2020)

This is Living

Written by Liam Borrett, performed at LAMDA’s Linbury Studio (August 2019)


Co-written and devised with Anita Brokmeier and Philine Köln, adapted from various authors, performed at Theater des Verlängerten Wohnzimmers (September 2018), produced as part of co-founded collaborative company federspiel

Dorian Gray

Co-written with Philine Köln, adapted from Oscar Wilde’s novel, performed at Café Theater Schalotte, TiK Nord,Brotfabrik (May-June 2018), produced as part of co-founded collaborative company federspiel


Co-written with Anita Brokmeier, performed at Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (October 2017), produced as part of co-founded collaborative company federspiel

Stolz + Vorurteil

Co-written with Anita Brokmeier, adapted from Jane Austen’s novel, performed at Theater Strahl, Atrium Berlin, Theaterhaus Mitte (September-October 2016)



For Chinese Arts Now, directed by An-Ting Chang (Autumn 2021)

Twelfth Night

For LAMDA’s Shakespeare in Schools (hired after graduation), directed by Robert Price (Autumn 2019)

The Lights

For LAMDA, directed by Philip Wilson (Summer 2019)

So Here We Are

For LAMDA, directed by Caroline Leslie (Spring 2019)

The Changeling

For LAMDA, directed by Helena Lymbury (Winter 2019)


Script supervisor

Bleeder (dir. Christiana Ebohan-Green, 2019) and Rest in Peace (dir. Katie Pesskin, 2020)


Cutting video on Adobe and Davinci, mixing audio and soundscaping, designing marketing material and images


Berlin companies Die Mondschweine, Intergogue and Café Tambour from 2012 to 2018, with a strong focus on devising, Meisner and movement theatre


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